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Ninja Ranks Empty Ninja Ranks

Post by Momo08 on Fri May 22, 2009 1:32 am

* Gennin
Genins are the lowest rank of ninja. Once an academy student becomes a genin, they are assigned a jounin instructor with two of their classmates. This group is taught by their jounin and perform basic jobs commissioned by the village. This typically means that they are required to do remedial, labor-intensive jobs that require little or no combat. Two good examples of genin ranked missions are finding lost pets, and weeding gardens. A genin's life consists of these missions and training, all to prepare for the Chuunin Selection Exam begins. At this point, genins are put through a three part exam that proves their knowledge, survival skills, and combat ability. During the final combat part of the exam, the genins are evaluated on whether or not they have the needed skills to be promoted to chuunin. However, it is not uncommon to have a very small number of genins selected.

o Site Notes: Everyone starts off as a Gennin no matter what. If you want a team you can make a team. Teams are not mandatory. A Gennin is only capable of going through C or D Rank Missions. They are capable of going into B Missions if they are accompanied by a Chuunin. A Missions if they are accompanied by a Jounin.

* Chuunin
Upon achieving the rank of chuunin, a great deal of responsibility is placed upon the ninja. A chuunin is no longer an apprentice, but a leader. They can command a small group and are actively involved in combat situations. A chuunin not only holds their own life in the balance, but those of ninja assigned under them. Chuunin's responsibilities do not only extend to battle, however. They are also teachers of academy students, imparting their experience and abilities onto the next generation. They are in charge of teaching the students all they need to know to begin their journey of becoming ninja, and basic physical training. Becoming a chuunin is a sign of skill of dependence, and is not something easily obtained.

o Site Notes: A Chuunin is capable of making missions for other people. If a Chuunin has knowledge of a type of job such as a Medic they are allowed to teach if they wish to. A Chuunin is capable of going into Missions B to D Rank. If a Chuunin wishes to participate into A Rank Missions they must be accompanied by a Jounin.

o Important: To Become a Chuunin you must Become a final in the Chuunin Exams. The only way to go into the Chuunin Exams is by recommended, and finishing a total of Eight Missions for that Character. If you do not become a finalist in the Chuunin Exams then you must wait till the next Exams.

* Jounin
Even as achieving chuunin demonstrates proficiency and skill, achieving jounin is a sign of mastery. Jounins are exceptional fighters who operate on a completely different level than their lower ranked counterparts. Because of this, they are given the most dangerous missions. Jounins also are not limited to battle. While chuunins are in charge of teaching academy students, jounins are responsible for trios of genins. A jounin leads the groups through their initial missions and prepares them for the Chuunin Selection Exam. Jounins typically only impart knowledge to their assigned genins, though there are some who take on special students and impart techniques and skills to them as well. Not much is known about the methods of promoting jounins, however.

o Sidenotes: A Jounin is capable of going into S to D Rank Missions if they wish. If a Ninja was to go into a S Rank Mission they must be accompanied by another Jounin. It is recommeneded to be accompanied by more then two Jounin. A jounin can teach a team if they wish.

o Important: To Become a Jounin is by discretion of the Kage. The Kage Must create Jounin Exams for the Jounins within the village and is village only. There they can decide who is capable of becoming a Jounin, and create a number of how many may become Jounin. This could be a Tournament, or perhaps something else. It is the Kage's choice. In order to participate in the Jounin Village Exams, you must first be a Chuunin. You must have mastered into two things. This could be releases, or fighting styles. You must also have completed a total of 15 Missions, with at least three of them being Interaction Missions.

* Sannin
Sage - Also known as a sennin, this rank of Ninja consists of Ninjas who are close to, or possibly stronger than that of a Kage Ninja. This type of Ninja was usually choose to live outside of their own village, but are forced to keep in touch with it, so not become a Missin-Nin and get hunted down. 3 examples of Ninjas who fall into this rank of ninja are Jiraiya, Tsunade (Who is now a Kage), and Orochimaru. Side Notes: A Sannin are the type of people who can roam around all over the world without worry and without prosecution and without permission. The only way a user may become Sannin is if they are hand picked by the staff. There are only Three per Village.

o Important: In order to become a Sannin you must first be a Jounin. You must be the top three best of the village in smarts, and capability. (Admin, Headmod Approval).

* Kage
There are many academy students, there are many genins, many chuunins and many jounins, but there is only one Kage. The Kage is the strongest and most supreme ninja of all ninjas in their respective villages. Despite what some may assume because of appearances, they are immensely powerful and hold a number of powerful techniques that can even control nature itself. Becoming Kage is the ultimate level of mastery and skill. Each of the hidden villages have their own Kage, with a different name. Ho (Fire), Kaze (Wind), Rai (Lightning), Mizu (Water), and Tsuchi (Earth)/

o Sidenote Becoming a Kage means you are now a Game Master, one who is in charge of his village, keeping it safe, and making Interaction missions to improve the activity of your village as well as the Site. Your Bread and Butter is the Interactive Missions that you create that is completed. Your Bread and butter is Missions completed and done by your Ninjas.

Being a Kage means that you are Active. If for some reason you can not be active and check in regularly into your village you must state so and state a reason why you can not be active so that the members may understand. These members are the people in your village.

With that saying you are allowed to Lock, Move, and Sticky. However you are only allowed to do that inside your own village. You may not do such things in other cities, or villages. If you are caught doing so, then you will have your Kage Rank Stripped. We allow Kages to give money as well which means modifying profiles, but if we allow that we better not see any Kages taking advantage of that. This means no becoming staff for a brief moment, no changing names, no changing other people's Ryo or anything else like that. This also means you can not mod your own character. If we allow a Kage to change such things, and a Kage takes advantage of that and cheats, will be stripped of Kage, and will have a warning of a Hundred percent. This means one more mishap will have a temporary ban.

It is your Duty to send people to destroy the missing Nin. You are in charge of keeping your Ninja in line. If one goes Missing it is your duty to either send a team to capture, or kill the Ninja. You must start an investigation and etc.

Since Kages are considered as Game Masters with more authority they are allowed to create their own events. In this board you must first post your Event and have it discussed to see if it is plausible. Events only deal with your Village or Village Interactions may occur.

Kages are allowed to move Threads. They are allowed to move any previous Kage thread that they wish. They are allowed to move any Thread where the creator of the thread no longer exists. Any thread that has become inactive however the Kage may not Move them. Reasons why is because there are times where people reactivate the threads. Other threads that a Kage may Move is previous Voting Threads.

o Important: Anyone can become a Kage if they are voted in. A Kage however must follow all requirements for all Jutsu Learning. This is to stop those that wish to become Kage to gather quick money, or learn Jutsus to suddenly leave. This means that in order to learn the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu you must be a Chuunin, or part of the ANBU. When you become Kage you gain the responsibility but if you loose the Kage ship you revert back to your formal position before you became Kage. This means that if you become Kage and was a Gennin, then you were demoted, you go back to Gennin and still have to go off and complete the Chuunin Exams to make a Mission. With this saying, no one has ever said that a Kage can not join an exam, but, they must be careful for there is enemies everywhere.

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Ninja Ranks Empty From Goku

Post by Goku on Sat May 23, 2009 6:09 pm

Yo Momo did u mke this game in byond yet because im waiting for it and know it will b exciting


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Ninja Ranks Empty Re: Ninja Ranks

Post by Momo08 on Sat May 23, 2009 6:16 pm

Well Goku this game will be exciting, but as of now this game is going to be a hosted on here. Byond doesnt have a section for role playing games... or maybe they do, but you can submit your character info on this site and get a free jutsu.

Spread the word. And have FUN

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Ninja Ranks Empty Re: Ninja Ranks

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