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Mission Template Empty Mission Template

Post by Momo08 on Thu May 21, 2009 8:43 pm

:::Mission Template:::

This is the Template for the Mission. This will help everyone into how to create a Mission. Just follow the template and everything will be fine. There is certain things that is needed and to be understood within the Mission template such as how much Ryo a person can get, different difficulties of a Mission as well as other things such as this.

* Name: What is the name of the Mission. Every Mission has some sort of name. Does not have to be a Flashy Name but needs one none the less.

* Rank: What is the Rank of the Mission. Every Mission has a Rank. Depending on the Rank depends on who is capable of taking the Mission in Question. Now there are some missions that Smaller Ranked Ninjas are Unable to take so please remember that. Some Ranked Missions a Gennin will have to be with a Jounin, or even a Chuunin in order to take on a Mission of a Certain Rank. Please Remember that when sending out Ninjas, or when taking on a Mission. For Organizations, Missing Ninja, and Non-Ninjas I highly suggest you keep in what you are capable of, because if someone is a "D" Class Character and takes an "S" Class Mission with no consequences or any problems. The Money will not be received and the Mission would have been voided.

o Gennin - Rank for Missions - D and C Missions
o Chuunin - Rank for Missions - B Missions
o Jounin - Rank for Missions - A and S Missions

In order to take an A or S Mission you will need to be accompanied by a Jounin if you are a Chuunin or Gennin. If you are a Gennin you Must be acompanied by at least a Chuunin if you wish to take a B Mission. The lower the Letter the More Dangerous the Mission becomes. It is recommended that you are a specific type of Class Character for each of these Missions. This means that a "D" Class Character is best for D And C Missions. A "C" Class Character is best for B Missions, and a "B" Class Character is best for A and S Missions. It is not mandatory but helps in having the character survive the situation and helping out when needed.

* IIC Length: This is a simple rule of length between waiting of posts. We understand that everyone has something to do from time to time and is unable to make posts within a certain amount of time. However to keep things going and to make sure that Members who are active do not have to wait for months they are capable of going on ahead skipping a turn if needed. This is called Inactive In Character (IIC). A Simple rule that states the length of time that is needed before a person is capable of posting or else they will be skipped. An example of this is simple. Elias and Josh are Role playing in a Mission. Their IIC is 2 Days. Elias Makes his post, and Josh Makes his post. They are posting and have been posting for three days. Then Josh has not Posted for one whole day. After the Second Day Elias is capable of skipping Josh and proceeding forward until Josh Comes back. If Elias continues to not show up, Josh is capable of continuing without him, to even finishing the mission without Elias.

* Difficulty: There are three different types of difficulties in a Mission. Each Difficulty is to show how hard the Mission may be to the corresponding type of Mission. There is Easy, Moderate, and Hard. You must remember to have each mission correspond to the type of Mission. This means that if you have a B Mission that is Easy. To a Chuunin it may be considered as an easy mission.

* Description: What type of Mission is this, are there any people that are needed to be met, are there any types of people that may prove to be a problem. What is the point of this mission. Is this Mission an assassination Mission. Is this Mission an escort Mission. Must you save people. This is where you must write in all information according to what is needed in the information. Please be advised to also state where the people must go as well in this section. Anyone is capable of being a Master in the Mission. This means that anyone is capable of Being their own Game Master within the Mission you can take control if you wish, however there is only one person allowed to take control of the Mission.

* Objective: This one is simple. What do you need to do in order to complete the Mission with a Success.

* Reward: First and foremost the money is not divided up between people that complete the Mission. Remember that before asking. Secondly every type of Mission only allows so much of a reward. Please remember that when creating a Mission. If you Fail the Mission you do not get any reward unless the client pities you and pays you something. If you cheat in the Mission and you are exposed of cheating you do not get the reward.

Minimum wages
Cannot be lower than what is shown, but may be increased through a bargain.

o D Mission: 500 Ryo to 1,000 Ryo
o C Mission: 1,000 Ryo to 1,500 Ryo
o B Mission: 1,500 Ryo to 5,000 Ryo
o A Mission: 5,000Yen to 8,000 Ryo
o S Mission: 8,000 Ryo to 10,000 Yen

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