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Reason(s) Behind Recruitment

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Reason(s) Behind Recruitment

Post by Momo08 on Fri May 22, 2009 6:46 pm

* Pain: wants "world peace," having "suffered enough" in his childhood, and wishes to stop war, ironically with more war, now that he has the power to do so.
* Tobi: banished from and desires vengeance against Konoha, as well as wanting more power by restoring the strength of his Mangekyo Sharingan.
* Konan: presumably due to her unwavering loyalty to Pain; According to Pain, her reason is "Love."
* Itachi: feigned defection from Konoha (while secretly remaining loyal to it) by joining the most dangerous organization known to all five countries (after killing his clan under the secret orders of the village's elders) while secretly watching over his younger brother, Sasuke; Acording to Pain, his reason was "Ideology."
* Zetsu: According to Pain, his reason is "Land."
* Kisame: According to Pain, his reason is "Spite."
* Kakuzu: presumably because of desiring more money; According to Pain, his reason was "Resources."
* Hidan: presumably because of Akatsuki practicing religious-like activities (i.e. a ritual that concerned the sealing of the Tailed Beasts) suited to his liking; According to Pain, his reason was "Religion."
* Deidara: was forced into Akatsuki's service, due to Itachi's "insistence"; According to Pain, his reason was "Just Because."

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