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F.A.Q. - Introduction

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F.A.Q. - Introduction Empty F.A.Q. - Introduction

Post by Momo08 on Thu May 21, 2009 8:46 pm

This is a guide to questions asked frequently here on NFRP. To simplify things we have tried to group together our most commonly seen questions, and answer them all here in a convenient little guide. However it would be nearly impossible to gather up every question ever, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for here you can post your question in support or PM a staff member for help. Provided below is a Table of Contents which will aid in making the help seeking process as painless as possible!

* Terminology and Their Uses

In this section you will find all the terminology and shortened forms of words used here on NFRP. Think of it like a vocabulary sheet only more interesting!

o Basic Terminology
o Advanced Terminology

* Rules

Here we will address basic rules dealing with the site which members sometimes find unclear. Here you can also find information about Staff Members, their capabilities, and more.

o Staff and YOU

* Character Creation

Here we cover everything from creating your very first character, to making a second character, to re-creating a character. Here we will also look at Good Deaths Vs. Bad Deaths, and non-battle related deaths.

o Character Revamps & Recreations
o Life and Death

* The Pathways of the Characters

Here is a slightly more in depth analysis of characters and their abilities. What they can do after creation and more. Here we also cover items, weapons, techniques, villages and Kages and their abilities.

o Blood Limits and Clans
o Ninjutsu
o Taijutsu
o Genjutsu
o Village Jutsu
o ANBU and Kages
o Weapons, Puppets, and Stuff, literally.

* General Roleplay

Here we cover questions relating to basic role playing, how it works, what to do and not do, character rankings, general plot things and village missions.

o General Roleplay Rules and Restrictions
o General Roleplay Methods
o General Interactive Roleplay
o In-Character Ranks
o Organizations and Custom Villages
o Missions and Interactive Missions

* Combat Roleplay

Anything and everything battle related can be found here. From arena battles to in character battles, to who is and is not death enabled; here is where to look for answers.

o Out-Of-Character Arena 101
o RP Teachers and Their Classes
o In-Character Combat
o The Rules and Restricts of All-Out Combat
o Combat Induced Deaths

* Story-Lines

Here we will look into things that deal with interactive site plots such as events, villages, wars, and missing ninja. Here we’ll also take a deeper look into those known as game masters.

o The Legendary Game Masters
o Event-ology
o Villages and Wars
o Missing Nin

* Customs

Here we shall provide a little insight into custom creations, how to use them, who can use them, and more.

o The Way of the Custom
o Limits of the Custom Creations
o Who can use customs

* Misc Info

Here’s the section for anything that didn’t quite fit anywhere else including Ryo and NPC’s.

o Shopping
o Ryo and You
o Travel
o Account / Technical Related

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