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Application for Hideyoshi Iji

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Application for Hideyoshi Iji

Post by Hideyoshi on Mon May 25, 2009 2:28 am

Name: Hideyoshi Iji
Age: 11
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 104 lbs
Gender: Male
Birth Country: Lightning
Village: Hidden Village of Sound
Rank: -----------------
Secondary Weapons: 20 ft of wire, 10 shrunken
Primary Weapon: Kunai
Personality: Hideyoshi is arrogant and cunning. When he speaks he speaks slowly and quietly and his gaze is honest and slow. He is a cold and quiet killer and it shows in the ways he speaks and moves, slow and fearless.
Appearance: Hideyoshi's face is very still and porcelain. His skin is fair and his eyes are deep and dark and souless. His hair is short black. He wears a fine black cloak and black pants that expose his lower calves and ankle. He sports ninja sandals and has a pouch tied around his waist underneath his cloak carrying his ninja equipment.
NinJutsu Techniques: Bunshin no Jutsu
GenJutsu Techniques: Kai, Oboro Bunshin
TaiJutsu Techniques:
History: Hideyoshi's father was named Hideyoshi Akniomi. he was 38 at the time of Hideyoshi's birth. Hideyoshi's mother was 17 at the time of his birth. Hideyoshi was born the grandson of A Daimyou from lightning country. His mother was moved from the castle while Hideyoshi was still young, leaving him to live with his brothers and sisters, father, and vassals of the family. Hideyoshi had two older half-brothers and several younger brothers and sisters. He felt relatively unconnected to his father, brothers, and family and did not develop a strong connection with anyone growing up.

When Hideyoshi was 8 he was playing in the woods with his older brothers outside the castle. It was then that his brothers started to tease him for his mother's lack of noble heritage. He challenged his eldest brother and spat in his face, undaunted that his brother was 16. After a long fight his brother overcame him beating him mercilessly breaking his nose and jaw. After that Hideyoshi lie motionless in the wilderness soaked in his own blood. It became night before he rose to return home and by the time he had arrived to the castle it was very late and the darkness very thick.

Hideyoshi stole into the large kitchen where all of the food was prepared and stole several knives. That night he killed his brother in his sleep, shoving the the large knife deep into his throat and holding a pillow over his brother's face. He stole some supplies from the castle and left immediately, beginning his travel into the unknown.

Hideyoshi traveled west along the coast where he was picked up by a group of scouts. They entrusted him with the responsibility of delivering their reports to a shinobi named Genshin who lived on an island far off of the coast. Everyday Hideyoshi would wake up before the morning sun and swim to the island to deliver the report of troop movements and ships that could be seen off of the coast.

Genshin taught Hideyoshi various basic techniques including the Kai ability, the Bunshin ability, and the Genjutsu Haze Bunshin ability. He two years under the tutelage of Genshin until one day after delivering his report Genshin told him that he was a Mist spy and that earlier that day Hideyoshi's scout team had been destroyed. He told Hideyoshi to leave the island and never come back.

Hideyoshi traveled further west and inland and arrived at the hidden village of sound where he was recruited by Orochimaru.

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