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Sho Ku (character)

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Sho Ku (character) Empty Sho Ku (character)

Post by Eno on Tue May 26, 2009 2:27 am

Name: Sho Ku
Age: 13
Height: 5'6
Weight: 135
Gender: Male
Birth Country: Stone
Village: Village hidden in the rocks
Rank: Genin
Affiliation: none
Secondary Weapons: none
Primary Weapon: short katana
Personality: Sho Ku is very arrogant, believing that anyone who can't complete any task should train harder in order to do so. He doesn't show his arrogance unless he's fairly comfortable or familiar with the person/people he is with.
Appearance: He wears all black pants and an all black long sleeved tee-shirt.
Bloodlimit: none
NinJutsu Techniques: Hardening technique
GenJutsu Techniques: none
TaiJutsu Techniques: Currently practices iron palm.
History: Sho Ku is considered intelligent among his peers, although he doesn't really show above average intelligence during battles. Since learning the technique, Sho has been able to extend the length of Hardening onto his blade. Unfortunately he hasn't mastered this technique yet, so it costs him extra chakra to do so.


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