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Raiku Uchiha

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Raiku Uchiha Empty Raiku Uchiha

Post by Momo08 on Tue May 26, 2009 4:22 pm

Name: Raiku Uchiha
Age: 13
Height: 5'6
Weight: 140
Gender: Male
Birth Country: Fire
Village: Ex Leaf Village
Rank: Missing Ninja

Secondary Weapons:


Primary Weapon:

Utilizes a two sworded style, employing a pair of the kodachis. When in their sheathe, they appear to be part of a single sheathed sword, one blade appearing to be the hilt, while the second blade is stationed opposite the first and blends in with the sheathe itself, giving it the impression of being a nodachi.


Nox is a very quiet, intelligent individual. He never speaks when unnecessary and he always thinks before he acts. He seems to be unemotional most of the time, earning him the title of "Nox the Transparent". He doesn't show it, but he has a soft spot reserved for his team members.

Nox appears to be very cool and level headed but in the inside he is very confused and tormented by his past.


Despite his ability as a gifted shinobi, his appearance is not the most intimidating beyond the intensity of his eyes. He is a fairly short shinobi whose appearance is very much like the rest of his clan.
He possesses dark Blue eyes and has black scruffy hair that hangs near his cheeks. Wearing casual clothing that consist of a white shirt and a Black cape with a large Red crescent moon symbol on the back of it, and black pants.

Bloodlimit: Uchiha

NinJutsu Techniques:

Chidori - Chidori Current - Chidori Senbon - Chidori Sharp Spear - Chidori Sword
Shadow Clone
Shadow Clone Great Explosion
Crow Clone
Fire Release: Flame Bullet, Great Dragon Fire, Great Fireball, Phoenix Immortal Fire

GenJutsu Techniques:

Demonic Illusion: Burning Paper Body
Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change
Tsukuyomi: Black Dream

TaiJutsu Techniques:

Shadow of the Dancing Leaf
Lion Combo
Uchiha Taijutsu Combo


Nox, known as Nox the Transparent.

Taken in by a family shortly after the death of his mother, in the Uchiha massacre.
Over the years, he has joined the academy and became a genin, trying to carve his own path to the greatness. Nox sees things in terms of reason and logic.

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