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Terminology and Their Uses

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Terminology and Their Uses Empty Terminology and Their Uses

Post by Momo08 on Thu May 21, 2009 8:46 pm

Basic Terminology

* What does N/F mean?

This stands for "Not Finished". The only Not Finished things we allow are character bios. Not finished customs will be archived upon spotting, and not finished training will be graded as is.

* What does IC mean?

IC stands for "In Character", usually used after something is said OOC.

* What does OOC mean?

OOC stands for "Out Of Character". This is included in a post where the poster wishes to say something to you, the poster, directly.

* What is a PC and an NPC?

PC stands for Player Character or Playable Character; meaning one played by a real person.
NPC stands for Non-Player Character; meaning a character you use just for the purpose of story, training, or interaction.

Advanced Terminology

* What is IIC?

IIC stands for "Inactive In Character", for this to apply this must be agreed on by all parties.

* What is DE and NDE?

"DE" is Death Enabled, meaning you can die in that thread. "NDE" means Not Death Enabled, meaning you are unable to die.

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