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Hideyoshi Sound training

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Hideyoshi Sound training

Post by Hideyoshi on Wed May 27, 2009 1:48 am

Hideyoshi bore south upon the path of what he was told to be the village of sound. He had heard that the village itself was a criminal wasteland plagued by the left behind experiments of Orochimaru. If Hideyoshi was to pursue a career as a shinobi, here would be where he would get his start.

As he walked through the beige hills of dry grass a man stopped him. He was dressed in a black mask with a purple, black and grey camouflage suit. He pointed a large Naginta towards Hideyoshi.

"You there! Stop! What is your business in this horrible place?"

"My name is Hideyoshi Iji and I seek Lord Orochimaru to train me in the ways of the shinobi."

The guard paused for a moment than laughed a hearty and intimidating laugh.

" 'Orochimaru' has long since left this place. Go now foolish child and seek a life other than that of a shinobi, seek a life of peace."

Hideyoshi looked forward and did not speak. The guard shouted and raised his Naginta over his head.

"Answer me or die today another orphan on the steps of the wasteland of sound."

Hideyoshi continued to look forward as the Guard charged towards him. The guard took a huge swing of his spear and cleaved Hideyoshi in two. Hideyoshi's dismembered torso splashed to the ground as it turned a black oily substance. Suddenly two Hideyoshi's apeared behind the guard, staring at him soulessly. He destoryed those with impressive strength, but they too rose spliting into two more clones.

Hideyoshi looked down from a large oak tree at the guard slashing wildly at invisible opponents. "simple genjutsu" he whispered under his breath as he silently took an aerial decsent from his perch. he drew three kunai and tossed two towards the guard.

The guard deflected them quickly and gracefully with his polearm knocking them to the ground. He prepared himself as the boy rushed him with a single kunai. They exchanged 3 quick bouts before Hideyoshi scored a strike on the sound shinobi's leg. As the guard fell to one knee Hideyoshi used the man's body as a stepping stone to deliver a straight heel kick to the face, and as his face cocked back from the blow Hideyoshi threw his kunai vertically through his opponents eyes at point blank range.

As Hideyoshi savagely removed his kunai from his opponents skull his face was blank.

he rose and briskly crossed the barrier entering the hidden village of sound.


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