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Forming a Team: [[Information | Read]]

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Forming a Team: [[Information | Read]] Empty Forming a Team: [[Information | Read]]

Post by Momo08 on Sat May 30, 2009 3:49 pm

//Team Information

Iwagakure stresses the need for teams - whether it be temporary or permanent. Building a team is a great learning experience OOC and IC.

//Step One

Genin Perspective:
If you're a Genin out there, looking for a good stable team to be apart of ... yet you don't see any available teams. Don't stress, first look for any Chuunin that don't have a team, and then contact them if they're interested. If worst comes to worst and they're not - merely acknowledge it and start again. You can contact a Kage or maybe another Chuunin to try again. You can also be apart of a temporary team if you don't find one.

For Example, if a Chuunin named Lucy had a team with three other Genin and it seemed fun. Contact Lucy and see if you can temporarily or maybe even permanently be apart of their team. If Lucy agrees, you have a team!

If nothing else prevails, contact an Iwagakure moderator for assistance.

Chuunin//Jounin Perspective:
Woah, you finally reached that special rank where you finally have authority. Oh! But it occurred to you now that you want to start a team - advance your character's experience, have fun [etc]. You decide that you want a team with three Genin / three Chuunin, but you just do not know how or where to start to even do it.

Firstly, in this section, "Stone Village Academy", is where all the team stuff goes down. Next, scroll down to the bottom to find a template for teams and copy it. Finally, make an entirely new topic with the title of your team, for example, "Team Stone", or something. Next, near the title you could add "Open" or "Genin Needed" and then add on the template. Once you post, I am sure plenty of Genin would join.

If problems of no one posting occurs and you really want a team - you can be in a temporary team - or a full Jounin/Chuunin team. If not, contact an Iwagakure moderator for further assistance.

//Step Two

If you're a Genin, you probably don't have to worry much about this seeing as you're not the sensei. If its a full Genin team, just do what a sensei is suppose to do below.

Ah! You got two/three/four Genin signed up in your team and now you're set with everything. Everyone seems active and devoted but...what is this, you do not know what to do?

A great thing to start off a team relationship would be - [and it's mandatory] a team topic! heard of it, but now you're going to be doing it. Firstly, it is very easy to make a new topic, but now you're the sensei! Once you post down the topic, wait for the people to post and when it's your turn, you're lost. Its fine, but this is why you're reading this topic. Firstly, a good start off thing would be talking to the Genin and asking them stuff, like their goals in life, their names, their hobbies and activities. A good reference used by many people is the Team 7 Arc where they first have the meeting.

Next, after all the introductions are over, and you're still lost on what to do- Usually, this next part is a battle-somewhat, to introduce each individual's strengths and weaknesses. Teachers have their own will on what to do now - usually some popular choices are as followed. One, the same thing Kakashi did with the bells, introduce that method to them and make them grasp the bells. Although the object they're trying to get could be different like a lock of your hair or touching your skin. It can be anything, your choice. You can also further the storyline by threatening to send them back to the academy like Kakashi did.

//Step Three

Well! Because the topic is done, you're free to do whatever you want with your team. You can make more topics like the team topic with a quick spar or further friendships. Usually, this part is the mission category in which the fully-developed team takes on missions for the village. Missions are assigned in the mission section of Iwagakure in which you can take them on for your team or make your own. People usually take on missions with teams to further storyline and make characters closer in character. It can also be a fun topic depending on the objectives and this makes promotion more durable.

//Mission Necessities

Usually, an all Genin team is restricted to D and some lower C - ranked missions.

A team with 3 Genin and 1 Chuunin are restricted to E-C-ranked Missions only, occasionally B ranked..

Teams of all Chuunin are restricted to B-ranked Missions and some A-Ranked depending on the objective.

Teams of all Jounin are allowed to take any type of mission available, including S-ranks.

The Iwakage can alter all Missions assigned [ranks]. So, for example, if you want your team with 1 Chuunin and 3 Genin to take a B-ranked mission you would have to contact the Kage, or another Iwa Moderator for approval. If you want your Genin to take on a B-ranked mission, you would need approval from the Tsuchikage.

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