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Chuunin Exams // Jounin Exams: [[Information | Read]]

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Chuunin Exams // Jounin Exams: [[Information | Read]]

Post by Momo08 on Sat May 30, 2009 3:55 pm

//The Chuunin Exams

Thus far there are two ways to take the exam for the rank of Chuunin. The first is simply an open sign-up that will be open to all that have the rank of Genin and have properly approved characters, clans, jutsu and equipment. The sign-ups will be periodically based on executive decisions by Iwagakure Mods and the Tsuchikage. The second way is to be nominated by your Sensei and at least one of the Mods from Iwagakure [This includes the Tsuchikage]. You will receive a solo-Chuunin Exam and the format will be different from the open Chuunin Exam. The format for each exam will be different based on the time of year they are held. The format will, ultimately, be decided by the Tsuchikage. Do not, I repeat, do not, under any circumstances, PM the Tsuchikage or any of the Iwagakure Mods about the Chuunin Exam unless you already have a recommendation from your Sensei. Additionally, good things come to those who wait. More simply, be patient and things will come.

//The Jounin Exams

Only Chuunins can know.

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