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F.A.Q. - Part I

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F.A.Q. - Part I Empty F.A.Q. - Part I

Post by Momo08 on Thu May 21, 2009 9:31 pm

Character Creation
* When creating my character can I choose an expensive weapon just to sell it later?

Well, to be technical... yes. However this is not encouraged, we recommend you begin with the weapon you want your character to use.

* Can my character have wings and fly with them?

Um I hope nobody really asks me this question.

* Do I have to train the techniques I choose when creating my character?

Nope, those are considered as being learned prior to academy graduation, since you start as a genin you know them already.

* Can a character start with a custom weapon or technique?

You may so long as it has been put through Custom Creations and accepted.

Character Revamps & Recreations

* Am I allowed to revamp my character and choose new techniques by just sending him back to submissions, without having him/her die?

No, the only things you can change in those circumstances are Name, Age, Personality, Appearance, and techniques that have been removed from the site or changed.

* When I die do I get all my techniques back for my next character?

When you die you get either five starting techinques, three if in a blood line, or the equal amount of your training points.

* How do I re-create a character?

If your character has passed on you will begin by creating a new bio in character submissions. You will create an entierly new character. Links must be included in a post after the bio showing the death thread and the old bio. Then you choose between using five starting techniques, or your info from your old character. The rest of the information can be found in this thread.

* When I re-create do I keep my starting techniques?

You can either keep your starting technique or your training points from your previous character.

Life and Death

* If my character dies do I have to make a new account?

No you do not. You keep the same account. TP doesn't transfer from one account to another.

* What happens if I’m killed unfairly?

Unfortunately it happens sometimes. Staff can look over the death to make sure all is in order though to make sure everything was done by the book.

* How many Summons can I have per character?

You can have 3 per character.

* What does it mean to be a Master something?

When you are Mastering something you are gaining the ability to Master something you couldn't before.

* How many jutsus can a character have?

As much as you train for.

* How do I get a cursed seal?

There are many requierments surrounding the Cursed Seals. First and foremost you must be at least you must be a worthy ninja, which means Orochimaru sees potential in your character. Your must be willing to do something terrible and basically be a slave.

* If my character isn’t a specialist in something, can I still learn it?

If you are a non-specialist in it then yes, but you are limited.

* Can I change my specialists after creation?

No you may not. Your main specialism, like Taijutsu/Ninjutsu ect. cannot be changed.

* Can I pick up minor specialists after creation?

Yes, unless it counts as a main Specialist like Medic.

* Can my character discover a demon after creation?

No. Sorry you have to say so before creation.

Bloodlimits and Clans

* Can I make a Sharingan/Byakugan Combination?

Nope. No Eye mixes.

* Can I be a Main Branch Hyuuga?

So long as you acquire permission you may.

* Can I start as an Uchiha?

Of course! Just make sure you say so in your description, before role playing.

* How do I join a clan?

To join a clan you gain permission [if needed] and then go through meeting a clan member [PC or NPC] and join the clan like that.

* Can Byakugan see through Genjutsu?


* Can I get a Byakugan/Sharingan/Dojutsu transplant?

No, for Byakugan but yes for Sharingan. In one condition, another role player has to give you his eye. Thus making that char blind in one eye or in both if he gave you both. lol

* If my Sankuchi makes a bird of clay can it function in water?

Sankuchi objects work how they are designed to work if they were real. Meaning a sparrow can fly, but a duck could fly and swim because they can when real.


* Can clones perform ninjutsu?

Yes, if they are Shadow Clones.


* Am I able to learn more releases?

Yes, you can learn as many releases as you have release slots.

* How much TP is it to learn a release?

Learning a release is C-Rank training for a Basic Release, B-Rank for and Advanced (Wood, Sand, or Ice), or A-Rank for Paper.

* How many releases can I master?

The amount of releases one can master depends on the type of specialist they are. A non-ninjutsu specialist may learn and master two releases. A ninjutsu specialist may master three releases and a ninjutsu master may master five.


* What exactly is a ‘Taijutsu’ Fighting Style?

Taijustu is the art of fighting with your body and not chakra, which means no justus just pure body power.

* Does my character need to be a certain age to go into a drunken style?

No they do not.


* How do perceptions work?

Perceptions work rather like releases. Each perception is a different category and you must learn the perception itself before going into the techniques.

Village Jutsu

* How do I learn Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clones)?

To learn Kage Bunshin you must get the scroll from the Kage, who won't give them to non Chuunin or ANBU, or steal the scroll along with the other Village scrolls.

* If I was born in Fire Country but live in another village, can I still have leaf only techniques?

No, even though you were born in the Fire Country you were not privelaged to learn the jutsu for the village.

* How do I learn village only techs?

To learn Village only jutsu you must have the Village Scrolls which involves either renting them from the Village or stealing them.

ANBU and Kages

* How many NPC’s may a Kage use during a battle or scroll theft?

The Kage may use as many NPCs as there are attackers/thieves minus one. Meaning if one person attacks the Kage there will be no ANBU guards, but if two people attack the Kage will recieve one guard.

* What are the requirements for ANBU?

The requirements for ANBU depend on which Division you choose to go into and the hokage.

* How do I become Kage?

To become a Kage you must win the Kage election for your village when one is presented.

Weapons, Puppets, and Stuff.

* Do seals on my weapon count towards the three my character can have?

No they do not.

* If I get a second puppet/sword does it count as a secondary weapon since my character doesn’t use it as much?

No, even if it is unused the second puppet/sword would be a primary weapon.

* Who do I talk to about finding a Great Sword?

If you wish to begin the hunt for a Great Sword, speak with the Admin for approval and the creator of the sword if asked for.

* Are items reusable or do they vanish after one use?

Certain items are reusable as long as they remain intact. Kunai can be reused but items like explosives can't.

* Is there a world wide clock for the RP?

No there is not.

* If one of my characters crafts an item and another one of my characters would like to purchase it, is it allowed?

Yes they may, though a staff member will need to be called in to make the transaction and make sure that all is fair.

* What is a private thread?

A private thread is just that, private. No one may enter the thread without your permission.

* Why do random people keep entering my thread?

Because your thread is open [hopefully] and they wish to RP with you.

General Roleplay Rules and Restrictions

* Can I train and be on a mission or in an interaction thread at the same time?

Yes, as long as you are alone in the training thread.

* If I RP finding something in character, like a weapon, can I keep/sell it?

Weapons gained outside of purchase can only be gained by Player Characters or from events.

General Roleplay Methods

* What are some things I need to do after my character is accepted?

You don't 'need' to do anything, but it is always a good idea to interact and do missions.

In Character Ranks

* How do I become Chuunin?

You go through the Chuunin exams and make it to the finals.

* When do the Chuunin exams usually start?

The Chuunin exams are usually held when the kages feel like it.

* What are the Chuunin exam requirements?

The usual Chuunin exam requirements are are up to the kage of the ninjas village.

* Do Chuunin have any special tasks other than leading a team?

Chuunin can take any Genin on B Rank missions, nothing other then that though... as of now.

* How do I become a Jounin?

To become a Jounin you first be a Chuunin and get two masteries, have completed 15 missions, and participate in Kage held Jounin exams.

* How do I become a Sannin?

You must have been a Jounin, or be one of the three most capable of your village, be B Class or above, and have Admin/Headmod approval.

* Can a ninja retire?


Organizations and Custom Villages

* Can I create my own Ninja Village?

Yes, But it wont be as huge as the main villages though. You can also create a Non Ninja Village without any limits on population.

* How do I create an organization?

To create an organization you must first have been a member a months and have other members who will rally in your cause and be sure it has and original objective.

Missions and Interactive Missions

* Do missions work the same way as other role playing forums?

Pretty much. You simple role play your character completing the assigned task.

* Can I take a mission of any rank?

No, without a Chuunin you can't do B rank missions, without a Jounin you can do A-S rank missions.

* Where do I get missions?

You usually get missions form the Kage Tower of your village.

* Can Non Ninja do missions?


* Can I make a mission?

Anyone may make a mission however it must be sent to the Kage to see if they are willing to use it.

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