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F.A.Q. - Part II

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F.A.Q. - Part II Empty F.A.Q. - Part II

Post by Momo08 on Thu May 21, 2009 9:32 pm


* Where do I find things to train?

You can find techniques in stores or dojos.

* Do we automatically know how to walk up trees and on water?

Yes you do.

* How do I learn handed seals?

There is no true limit on one handed seals. You must simply do a ninja training to learn each one.

* Do I have to wait for someone to check my training before I continue?

You can only learn one technique at a time. However if you're training say, a B rank. You can make more than one post of the training before staff checks it.

* How many techniques can I train a day?

As many as you want. There is no limit.

* Why do most techniques say ‘hand seals’ by them?

To show that the technique requires hand seals before it can be performed.

* What are ‘Half’ or ‘Reverse’ seals?

Half seals are the same as one handed seals. Reverse seals... don't exist here.

* Can I train two techniques at once?

Maybe, it depends if you have a certain jutsu (cough) Shadow clone.

* What is the use of a multi-rank technique?

Multi-rank techniques usually increase in strength with each rank.

* Are there any techniques I can’t learn?

Each technique has a limit that you must meet before you can learn it.

* How do I get Chidori or Rasengam?

Must learn from an NPC or PC who has mastered them.

Training Rules and Restrictions

* Can I pay others to do my training?

Does that work in the real world? No, so you may not.

* How many training threads can I have per day?

You can have as many threads as you want but each time you create a new thread you are required to exit the old thread and enter the new thread. You can also keep the orginal training thread and continue training there.

* Can I train with NPC’s?

Yes you may.

* Can I train with PC’s?

Yes you may.

* Can you quit training a technique to train something else and come back to it later?

No you cannot. If you stop learning a technique to train something else you will loose all that TP.

* How do I learn a Forbidden Jutsu?

You may learn a Forbidden Jutsu with Kage approval or when certain situations arrive.

Training System

* What is TP?

TP is code for Training Points, the system we use when grading training.

* How does TP work?

Each technique requires a certain amount of TP to learn. Staff will award TP for each training post until you reach the number needed to learn the technique.

* How does staff grade?

Each staff member grades differently. Some grade based on length, quality, spelling, and more.

Training Methods

* How should I go about training?

To train you simply create a thread, find a technique, and role play your character trying to learn the technique.

* When a technique requires a master to learn from can I RP it myself or does a staff member need to do it?

Some masters you can NPC yourself, some require staff, if it is not marked clearly you can contact staff just to be sure.

* Do I have to have a scroll to train a technique?

No you do not unless stated specifically.

Combat Roleplay

Out Of Character Arena 101

* If I battle in the RP school and loose does that mean I have to re create my character?

No you do not. The RP school is OOC and therefore doesn't actually count against your character. Think of it as sparring.

RP Teachers and Their Classes

* How do I become a better role player?

If you'd like some assistance you can visit our RP School and request help from any one of our RP teachers.

In Character Combat

* How do you define whether or not your attack hits somebody?

You can't define if your attack hits. It is up for the opponent to come up with a way to dodge, and a battle mod to be sure it is within possibility.

* How many techniques can a character use per day?

Jutsu use depends on your character's chaskra level and what jutsu they use, otherwise there is no true system.

The Rules and Restricts of All-Out Combat

* Can I ‘combine’ two techniques at the same time?

Depends on the two techniques. For example Rasengan and Chidori, no, no, no. Shadow clone with chidori yes, yes,yes.

* How is speed, strength, and chakra measured?

They are measured by level.

Combat Induced Deaths

* Can I steal items off of a dead character?

Yes, but only if you were in the thread when they died.

The Legendary Quest Masters

* What do game masters do?

Quest Masters are event creators and overseers.


* Are events death enabled?

Yes, unless otherwise stated.

Villages and Wars

* If I am a missing ninja / Non Ninja can I join a village?

Yes, your joining depends on the Kage though.

* Why aren’t there any wars?

Wars are decided upon by kage, so if you can convince a kage to start war, there will be one. If there are no wars it is because the kage's want peace and do not want to risk man power and cash.

* How do you go about stealing a village’s scroll?

To steal scrolls you make an event and go through attempting to bypass village defenses and access the scrolls.

* Can I pick my own team?

This depends on the Kage, but most allow players to pick their teams.

Missing Nin

* How do I become a Missing Nin?

To become Missing you leave the country without Kage permission.

* What are the restrictions and perks of a missing ninja?

As a Missing Ninja you have free travel, but you will be hunted.


The Way of the Custom

* If I create a technique for my character he/she automatically knows it right?

No, they still must learn it, and need to purchase a scroll of the same rank as it.

* I have a great idea, who do I tell?

Try putting it up in Suggestions and Ideas for feedback.

Limits of the Custom Creations

* Can I learn techniques from Accepted Customs that I didn’t make?

If you meet the requirements you can, but you need to find them IC if you have to learn it from them.

* The creator of the custom I want isn’t here anymore, what do I do?

Unless it requires their permission you are free to learn it. If it requires permission a mod can give you a bypass. However if the creator has been inactive for at least six months you don't need permission.

* Can I make a technique only my character can learn?

Yes. But it has to be approved.

Misc Info


* Can you buy something in a shop and lend or give them to people?

Yes you can. Sharing is caring.

Ryo and You

* What is Ryo?

Ryo is the money system we used in the Naruto World.

* How do I get more Ryo?

You can gain more Ryo by doing missions or events.

* If I die do I loose my Ryo?

Yes you do; unless you have gained Ryo for an OOC reason such as someone purchasing a signature of yours in the Artistic Views threads.

* Can my character have a job and make money?

We don't quite have a job system as of now, but when we do yes. All characters can gain Ryo by event and missions.

* Can you sell items?

Yes you may. Item shops are located in nearly every village.


* How does traveling work?

Traveling works rather like training posts. You post in character of your character moving from one place to another. It takes one post to move from each board to another. Countries cannot be skipped over but the route is up to you. There is a map provided so you can plot your route.

* Can I take a boat from one place to another to avoid traveling all together?

In a way the answer is yes and no. You may travel by boat from one destination to another is they are linked by water but distance still plays a factor in post quality needed.

* How many posts do I need to get from one place to another?

One post per country you are going through is the general amount.

* If I travel and find a hidden village can I return home and tell my kage?

Yes, and travel time still applies.

* How do I find a hidden village when traveling?

You simply search in character and get Kage/Mod approval

Account/ Technical Related

* How do you log in? I can’t log in.

Try deleting all your cookies. Also when you log in don't choose forever, this has a habit of messing with your ability to log in or out.

* How do you post and reply?

If you want to start a new thread there is a tab at the top read of the board saying 'New Thread'. Click that and voila! As for replying, if you scroll to the bottom of a thread there will be a box where you can type, once your message is completed you can hit reply.

* How many characters can I have per account?


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