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Memorial Park

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Memorial Park Empty Memorial Park

Post by Momo08 on Sat May 30, 2009 5:11 pm

Memorial Park

- Basic Overview

The Memorial Park is a great place to be. It is filled with a variety amount of things to do and see, so there is always something to do here. Wether you just want to hang out, have fun, train, spar or whatever this is the great place to do it. Besides all the excitment there is but one place that is rather saddening..this place is the Memorial stone itself. This stone has all the names of those brave shinobi of Konoha who have sadly died in combat or passed away.

Like stated above some shinobi come to the Memorial Park to pay their respects to the memorial stone or either to train and spar with each other. In general, the memorial park is a pretty big place filled with a lot of things to do will always have something to do here.

The Memorial Stone

This is the stone that is placed in somewhat the center of the entire park itself. When a shinobi is to enter this area it is respectful and expected that the shinobi should be calm and respect the area. No roughhousing of any kind is tolerated next to the memorial stone for it is a sad place for more of the seroius shinobi to come play their respects. This stone has all of the names of the shinobi in Konoha that have died in combat for Konoha or have been great shinobi and just passed away. This area is usally filled with a couple people at a time for peace and quite.

The Plains

These are one of the biggest areas in the memorial park. It is a big field of grass that stretches across the area, a few trees inbetween so it makes it a little like a forest..but it is still not a forest for it does not have nearly enough trees to be considered one. There may be diffrent sorts of spars going on here. Also, besides the normal training sometimes the younger ones will come to the plains to just simply frollic around and play tag or "ninja" with each other and such. Somtimes the plains have some bugs floating around which is great for the Abrume clan to get some training as well..they can be annoying at times but they are not always out.

Hokage Monuments

The hokage monuments are a great place to be. These are a series of statues and such that are placed into the memorial park for the people to look at and such. They are all statues of the prevoius hokages, placed in order too of course. These stones represent the strongest of the villiage, the very founders and leaders of the hidden leaf. There is one of the first, then next to it the second, next to the second is the third and next to the third..the fourth. And most recently placed was a statue of the fifth and current hokage, Tsunade. These statues are not to be tampered with and this place is usaully a good place to hang out and chat if you want, but if their is fighting they should keep it to a minimal.

The Pond

Their is also a small pond in the memorial park as well, not too big but big enough for the water shinobi in the village to conduct some water jutsus if they wish to practice them or spar with someone in the area. The water pond is a nice area for spars, fights, or just plain out practicing your water jutsus and techniques. Also, what some shinobi tend to do is practice their chakra control on this water, by walking on top of the water and concentrating on their chakra control. Sometimes the shinobi and other random people can just come here for a simple swim this is truely, a tranquil place to be at.

Tree Fort Course

This is an area in the memorial park, it is sort of popular at times..and some shinobi come here to test out their skills. It is an area or course that is filled with a lot of trees. Somethings that they could do on the trees is practice their normal tree jumping, since that is how they usaully travel from place to place. Also, some shinobi tend to have these tree jumping races with each other. Besides the trees it is also filled with varoius obstacles for the shinobi to overcome and practice on, such as some ropes, some water and a big tree for chakra control, some practice dummies..etc etc.

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