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The Forests of the Fire Nation

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The Forests of the Fire Nation

Post by Momo08 on Sat May 30, 2009 5:16 pm

Bordering Konohagakure, are the massive forests of the Fire Country. There are great and ominous in their appearance, and many travelers have lost their way inside the forest, taken by the merciless beasts within. Such beasts include wolves, grizzly bears, and if you're of the lucky type, you may even find the elusive ANBU (Not the ops but the animal). The forests are full of many different types of plant life, and some very rare herbs exclusive only to Konoha. The Forests in all are 5, and each has been named for its terrain and the beasts it heralds.

The Grizzly Forest

As the name suggests this forest is known for its high population of grizzly bears. The terrain is rough and rocky, though there is still lots of room for trees and other plant life to grow. You will find a large stream splitting half of the forest, and here is where you will find many of the Grizzly Bears that inhabit this forest. The forest is usually quiet, unless disturbed by something or someone that does not belong there. Following this forest for long enough will lead you too the great mountains that border Kumogakure.

The Forest of Wolves

This forest is inhabited thickly with wolves of all sorts. The area within this forest is full of caves and wolf dens, and is densely covered with trees and bushes. All who enter this forest be warned, for the wolves in this forest are so great in numbers that there eyes will always be upon you, and be wary, for they are sizing you up. It is not suggested that the weak enter this forest without escort and due reason. If one continues on through this forest, they will find a beach and a large ocean at its end. This is all that separates the forest from Takigakure.

The Forest of The Dead

This forest is named as it is for the many carcasses of men, women, and many animals. The terrain within this forest is more of a desolate, swamp-like, wasteland, than it is a forest. There are two rumors surrounding the forests many carcasses. The first rumor says that the reason for the many carcasses that litter the forest it an experiment gone wrong, one of Orochimarus experiments. Some believe that his original lab is hidden somewhere deep within this forest. The second rumor is one that tries to say that once a great battle took place here, and a master of poisons, one rumored to be greater than Sasori himself, unleashed a massive cloud of poison upon the warriors, but the poison backfired and he killed himself as well. It is also rumored that his body still lies deep within the forest, along with a scroll that contains the evil concoction of poison used to desolate the forest. One who travels through this forest will find it an although quiet, and peaceful, walk, an ominous one as well. Clearing this forest will bring you to the utmost border of the rice country, in which Otogakure is located.

The Forest of Heat

This forest is named as it is for many reasons. This forest's geological position makes it naturally heated by the sun. It is heated more than most other places. Also, the tree within are of a rare type. These trees' leaves are a transparent hue of green, which allows the heat the pass through, but not exit. This process naturally heats the forest and on hot days the forest can be a very deadly place. The trees and shrubs and such are resistant to fire, so no matter how hot it may get within, the forest will never catch fire. Due to all the plant life that is fire-resistant, certain plants, and the bark of some trees is harnessed to make special fire resistant shields, and heat resistant clothing. Those who traverse through this forest are advised not to travel through on hot days. As well, when the forest comes to a close you will have a clear view of the massive Volcano that hides Kasaigakure.

Forest of The Unknown

This forest is called as such due to the fact that not much is known about it. The terrain is known to be a mix of all the other terrains, desolate, hot, rocky, and greatly forested. It is rumored that the beasts that inhabit this deep forest, the greatest of all 5 of the forests, are massive snarling spawns of sin. The forest is also naturally quite dark and very hard to traverse because of this fact. It is rumored that the forest may lead to the Akatsuki's hideout, or maybe the Shiro Ku, however it us unknown. If one plans on traversing through this dangerous forest it is suggested that they bring a strong light, and keep their senses about them. One last warning to those who wish to pass through here. Traveling with an escort is very unlikely. Not many ninja would dare volunteer to traverse this forests insides.

The Forest of War

The name of the forest section explains it all. A large plain or field of burnt and lifeless sights caused by the destruction and chaos any war is sure to bring. For some reason nature seems to have given up on this place, no one knows why, but inside this part of the forest, it is either dirt or dead plants. Another strange thing about this forest is the trees that obviously surround it, but they literally border it, not moving within an inch of the uninhabitable soil. Every now and then a lucky child or an explorer will stumble upon an old kunai or shuriken left in the trail of war, these items are worth quite a bit of money considering only a few still exist from that time. Be forewarned, this section has a dark aura to it, and makes blood chill in even the fiercest ninja.

To all those who traverse any of these forests, remember that by entering each one you put your life at risk, and if the necessary precautions to enter are not taken, then you may find yourself killed or injured extremely. The life may be at risk even if you don't realize it so take your time packing your supplies and be prepared for the unexpected.

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