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The Sites of the Fire Nation

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The Sites of the Fire Nation

Post by Momo08 on Sat May 30, 2009 5:18 pm


This a small network of outposts on the outer edges of Konoha. Since it is not the main village, many scrupulous characters can be found here, ranging from wandering nin to deadly organization members such as Akatsuki. There are several small centers where many buildings are located reflecting the various activities of wandering shinobi life.

Gambling Street
: A lot of ninja like to spend free time gambling any money they pick up on missions or maybe steal form others.

Bounty Hall: If there are bounty hunters near Konoha they spend most their time here, that is unless they are out after a bounty. Some of the outposts' most ruthless denizens are found here.

Shinobi Stores: Every wandering shinobi needs someplace to restock kunai, shuriken, and other equipment. Most found here are usually here for business and do not seek to start trouble. That doesn’t stop several of Konoha's gun-ho teams from rounding up a few missing nin anyways.


Tea Country

Located on a peninsula near the Land of Fire, which is its only tied to the mainland. It is the home of the Todoroki Shrine Race as well as the Wasabi family and the Wagarashi family. This race takes place every year to decide which one of the two families gets control of Degarashi port. In this race, each family can do whatever they want to make sure their runner wins. This is where their ties with Konoha come in. Konoha Shinobi are often hired to protect the runners as well as attack the opposing runner.

River Country

Located snuggly between the Land of Fire and the Land of Wind. This country unknowingly housed an Akatsuki base. In fact, it was the one that was used to drain the Ichibi from Gaara of the Sand. This land also was terrorized by the Swordsman of the Mist, Raiga. He controlled the gold mine, which meant he also controlled the mining town and the processing plant. There is also a shop where they sell a horrid concoction called “The Curry of Life”. This very food is said to be able to revive someone from death, however it is just a myth.

Rain Country

Located on the border of the Land of Fire. This village was formally run by a ninja named Hanzo. After fighting Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru, Hanzo gave them the title of the Sannin, despite the fact that they did not defeat him. As great as Hanzo was, he was no match for the new leader of Ame, Pein. Pein is also the leader of the Akatsuki, and to make sure that no rebels tried anything, Pein also killed Hanzo’s family and friends.


Wave Country

A small island only connected to mainland by the Land of Fire. Home of Tazuna, the client of Team 7’s very first mission. Tazuna is a famous bridge builder who built the Great Naruto bridge, which connects Wave Country to the Land of Fire. Gato, a powerful shipping magnate, sent Zabuza Momochi and his companion Haku to assassinate Tazuna before the bridge was complete. Team 7 was successful in their mission to defend Tazuna and Wave Country was soon free of Gato’s grasp; not only because the bridge was complete, but also because Zabuza betrayed Gato and killed him. Team 7 believed that they left Zabuza and Haku for dead, but they survived. There is also a decent sized city in this wondrous nation.

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