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: Missions: [[Information | Read]]

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: Missions: [[Information | Read]] Empty : Missions: [[Information | Read]]

Post by Momo08 on Sun May 31, 2009 8:32 pm

So you want to do a mission, eh? Well then, read all of this. Custom missions are allowed, so pay attention. I realize that sometimes it's important to character development and all that jazz.

Anyway. On to the rules.

//General Set-Up

Most to all missions will be set-up in this manner. Read this carefully to understanding what is expected and what needs to be done.

Mission Rank: Much like everything in Naruto, things are separated by ranks. These ranks will vary between D, C, B, A, and S, with S being the most difficult. The mission ranks will pretty much parallel which missions will be open to which shinobi ranks.

Rank Required: As to keep our Iwagakure shinobi safe as possible, a rank requirement has to be outlined. Genin will only be able to apply for a mission of a D or C rank. Genin may apply for a B-ranked mission under the supervision of a Chuunin or Jounin sensei. Chuunin will be able to apply for a D, C, B, or A-ranked mission. Only Jounin and higher [and perhaps other ranks with Tsuchikage's permission] will be able to attempt S-ranked missions. The ranks for mission will fluctuate depending if it is a team mission or, really, the number of shinobi involved.

Shinobi Slots
: Will tell you the maximum number or minimum number of shinobi that can apply. They will range from 2 to a larger number. It will depend on the mission.

Client: The person who has requested the services of Iwagakure. Their profession and a small blurb of personal information will be included for shinobi purposes.

Situation: This will be a brief summary of the mission and what it will entail. Pay attention to the details, there will most likely be some crucial information included within it.

Objective: The main objective of what you must accomplish. A failure to complete or otherwise follow the objective will result in a failed mission.

Conditions: A set of secondary conditions will also be outlined in addition to the main objective. They will include things like "capture alive" or "must not be seen". A failure to comply with a condition can result in a failure of the mission. There can be one, two, or multiple conditions depending on the mission.

Mission Title:
Mission Rank:
Required Rank:
Shinobi Slots:

//Mission Report

After every mission you complete, you will be required to fill out a missions report. It will appear as follows. PM the mission report to the Tsuchikage and he will review the mission and affirm or discredit your result. In other words, approve your "Completed" or "Failure".

Result: List either "Completed" or "Failure". There are only two answers, you must pick one.

Mission Overview: Give a short overview of the mission, listing the highlights, and a quick summary of what happened. This should be anywhere from three or four lines to seven. Something like that.

Additional Notes:
The creator of the mission may fill out this section saying something good about his/her team or his/her perform. It can really be anything.

Mission Overview:
Additional Notes:

//Applying For a Mission

To apply for a mission, fill out the following template and post it in the appropriate section.

Mission Rank:
Participating Shinobi:
- Name :: Rank
- Name :: Rank
- Name :: Rank
- Name :: Rank

//How to RP a Mission

If you're a little confused, here's a simple introduction on what should be done. All missions, with more than one person, will be turn based. There will be a certain post order which should be followed. Decided the post order at the beginning of the mission as to not create confusion.

The creator of the mission will post first. He/she will set the tone of the mission, the surrounding, the environments, and pretty much everything that is going on. The creator of the mission will control all NPCs [Non Playable Characters] and mostly what goes on in the mission IC-wise. You will only control you character on a mission, unless you are the creator.

Mission can be joined in two ways. Being assigned by the Tsuchikage, requesting a mission, or creating your own. For now only the first two are open options. If you decide that you want to do a mission make sure that you read all the rules and that everything checks out. Otherwise, have fun~

Keep Iwa Rockin'.


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