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Blood Clan

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Blood Clan

Post by borokukana on Sat Jun 11, 2011 5:15 am

Private or Public: Private

Clan Name: Blood Clan

Location: Hidden Rain Village

Clan Traits/Abilities: Long Brown Hair, Ability to see main arteries and veins a long with chakra flow. They can mimic all ginjutsu, ninjutsu & Tai Jutsu. Eyes with this ability are solid black with a white pupil you must master your chakra to be able to use. Ability is known as Chesasaku (chess-sa-sa-koo)

Clan Weakness: Uchiha Clan

Bloodline: Consists of Black Blood

Clan History: The Clan was defeat from a brutal attack from the sound village. Three brothers survived one (the oldest) left for the south countries. The others roam for a new home in separate areas. The survivors hate each other but hate the sound village ten fold. They each were presented with different artifacts from the remainders of the village. Later they learned that they belonged to the elders of the village. The artifacts were a staff, a curved red sword, and a bloody puppet.

Members: The Youngest is Boroku Galanda, Middle is Yamusika Galanda, Oldest is Fakistra Galanda

Bloodline Description: chesasaku is only present in their blood line.

Clan Jutsu: Control of blood

Name:Bloody Death
Type:Nin Jutsu
Description: Chakra is turned to blood that moves under opponent and swirls up around body and rips apart body.

Name: Ketsueki chūshutsu
Type: Gen Jutsu
Rank: A
Description:Lines of chakra thinner than hair moves to the opponents heart from users hearts transferring opponents blood back to users heart.

Name: Chi no Bara
Type: Tai Jutsu
Rank: A
Description: Seventeen Hits in 2 seconds swarm opponents face and body then opponent is kicked into the air were user shoves hand through opponents shoulders then slammed to ground.

Name:Ketsueki suramu
Type: Tai Jutsu
Rank: A-C
Description: Arms and legs of opponent are dislocated then opponent is kicked up and a down strike makes opponent hit floor then user slams feet first into opponent.

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