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The Academy

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The Academy

Post by Momo08 on Sat May 30, 2009 4:56 pm

The Ninja Academy

- Basic Overview

This is the oh so famous Konoha Ninja Academy, many of the greatest shinobi were trained and taught here. Each one of them succesfully graduated and became a Genin, continuing their lives and doing whatever. The Konoha shinobi must stay in the academy until properly able to leave, basically passing the Genin exam.

The academy is a great place for anyone to come into and learn a great deal of new things. It can range from jutsus, training, summonings or whatever you can think of. You can come into the the Academy as either a student that is eager to be taught, or even as a teacher that is willing to teach others about a different variety of things. Remember it can be anything, anything at all.

Ninja Academy students are taught the basic jutsu skills. Such as the ones that are stated in the other topic in this forum, note that they will each be taught according to rank. (Ex: If your a Genin you cannot learn the basic Konoha Chuunin moves.) Once they have mastered and also perfected those basic and needed skills, they are able to graduate and become actual ninja. An actaul ninja meaning that they become a new Genin. However if the new Genin do not impress their Jounin sensei, they can be sent back to the Academy for further training.

The Classrooms

One of the settings in the Ninja Academy, of course is the classrooms. These are the most essential places in the academy for it is where the Konoha shinobi is taught about a lot of things. Whether it be: chakra control, jutsus, history of shinobi, taijutsu or all the other basics for starters. Each classroom in the Ninja Academy may varry a little bit, although most of the layout is basically the same everywhere. There is a big desk in the front of the classroom, the teacher's desk obliviously, it is made of a hard wood. Next there is the student desks, these are a big bunch of desks, 5 desks per column and 3 rows in total. It is just an average classroom for basic teachings that include: taking notes, being lectured, Q&A about whatever, etc.

The Gym

Of course, another setting in the academy is the gym. The gym is another class that is used to teach the basics of fighting style and maybe some jutsus thrown in. There is an obstacle course set up in one end of the gym with a varoius amount of things in it that will make it more difficult to get through. Usually in normal gym classes the class will split up into two teams and have a race through the obstacle course. In another end of the gym is a ropes course of which you can test your strength and race against others by going up the ropes. The gym is also an excellent place for the students to spar against each other and test their skills.

Outsides of the Academy

Just another setting that may take a role in settings. This area is the entrance and outsides of the academy. The front of it is where the academy students may go outside for fun and games for a little bit as a break between the day. Sometimes some of the graduated Academy students may come out here and visit some of the newer ones and help out. Also, a spot for shuriken training. In the back of the Academy there are post/dummies out that the students may practice their throwing and aiming of shuriken, kunai, and senbon on them..basically whatever they need target practice on. The teachers are of course welcome to this area as well to help teach students about aiming and such.

The Hallways

These are a long chain of hallways that lead from classroom to classroom. It is required to walk to your next class in the hallway. They are well-built and sturdy, with a new paint job just recently. Sometimes a group of friends may gather around in the hallways to chat or do whatever before their next class. These hallways can lead to basically anywhere in the Academy. Almost anything can happen between students and sometimes teachers may interact with each other as well here. Although this is a rather peaceful area a small spar or fight may happen every once in a while for the students to basically "show-off" to each other, but of course no one gets hurt.

The Cafeteria

A basic dining hall, cafeteria, or anything else you wanna call it. The students and teachers all come into this rather large room around mid-day to take a slight break from the academy and enjoy some nice food. There are a lot of large tables spread throughout the room for the students and teachers to sit on and eat. You may have a choice of either eating what is being served or you may bring a bag of lunch from home to eat instead. This is a great way from both students and teachers alike to eat and interact with each other at the same time. The food being served is usaully the best around and sometimes they may get ramen from the oh so famous ramen shop nearby. There was however, one incident of a food fight..which will hopefully never happen again. (*hint hint*)

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