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Iwagakure RECON Units: [[Read for ANBU Information.]]

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Iwagakure RECON Units: [[Read for ANBU Information.]]

Post by Momo08 on Sat May 30, 2009 3:56 pm

Iwagakure RECON Units

-Stone ANBU

The ANBU Black Ops units are a more secretive organization in a certain village. The name ANBU is represented by the second set of Kanji listed above, and stands for “Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Buta”. The words Ansatsu & Buta are where the four-letter form comes from. In Iwagakure, the ANBU Black Ops are referred to as “RECON”, This term holds no meaning, as they simply call themselves 'Recognizance Units'.

ANBU is as dangerous as it sounds- it is not for the weak of heart & mind. It takes courage to stand up to what they go against. More than often, they are standing against death itself. Only the best and most talented Shinobi get inside of this little deal.

//Our Purpose.

The jobs of an ANBU member are included, but not limited to, the tasks mentioned below.

-Gathering Intelligence.
-Tracking down Missing Nin.
-Assassination Assignments.
-Counter Terrorism.
-Protection of High Ranking Officials.
-Special War operations.


The Stone Recon uniform can consist of any of the following. First and foremost, the ANBU Mask; normally the mask is made out of a porcelainesque material, and shaped in the form of an animal to fit it’s wearer’s likings. A Hidden Rock recon soldier will wear a loose tunic that will sometimes lack a sleeve. The recon soldier can also carry a katana on their back. However, this is only optional.

//Squads, Members, Etc.

Units in the Recon unit are organized into six-man ‘squads’. Each squad is then further broken down into three 2-man ‘cells’. These squads act together to perform the tasks that were mentioned above. This squad break down makes it easier to coordinate within certain ANBU exercises.

//Joining ANBU.

Periodically there will be entrance exams held for RECON units.

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